"66% of homeowners invest in an alarm after a break in"

Welcome to Cherished Home Security.


Our Aim is to give you the peace of mind that a modern alarm system can provide, safe in the knowledge that you and your home will never be ignored when you need it most.


Unfortunately the most common alarm system in the U.K (usually referred to as a "bell system") has become less and less of a deterrent. They are commonly ignored due to the high amount of false alarms they create, which has led to them being far less effective a deterrent due to the lack of response, especially with recent rises in burglary nationally.

We do our best as a family business to help people to consider updating these older systems before its too late, by promoting the new systems throughout the U.K.  If you have been contacted via one of our representatives, here is a brief outline of our campaign.




Very simply, we know from experience that:


1, People look at security AFTER the event.

2, Advertising for security often has little or no response due to point 1, i.e people don't think they need security until its too late.


How we help:


1,We use our avertising budget to subsidise the equipment cost if we are promoting in your area. (We all like to save money).

2. Word of mouth is THE BEST form of advertising. All we ask is that you recommend us and our system (as we are sure you will).

We can connect your home to a N.A.C.O.S.S Gold approved Alarm Receiving Centre, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, who will act on your behalf in providing a guaranteed response to your home when its needed most.


Medical/Panic pendants are also available that with the press of a button can link you through to family or friends and the appropriate emergency service if needed. We can even communicate with you via the alarm panel should you be unable to get to your phone.

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Wire-Free and Pet Friendly (No mess/false alarms)


Your Alarm is NEVER ignored.


You are Guaranteed a Response 24 hours a day by our network of S.I.A licenced Guards, we can guarantee their response to your home.


Medical/Panic response, Ideal for elderley, 24hrs a day


Fire response 24hrs a day


Giving You Peace of Mind You are always connected to people capable of helping you when you need it most.


The future of Alarm systems, the whole point of having an alarm is that somebody responds when needed.


We can contact Friends or Family on your behalf.


Even while your on holiday your home is protected, somebody is watching your home while you are away.


How many times have you called 999 when you have heard someone elses alarm go off?


We are an independant family business, whose aim is to give you, the customer, the service you deserve and the peace of mind you deserve from an alarm, to create the deterrent and response you should expect from a modern alarm system.


Our experienced security advisors are here to help, we can design a made to measure system for your home, we are well aware that everyone has their own priorities with security. There is No obligation to take a look. Please call 01543 406085 to speak to someone who can help.

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