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Cherished Home Security use an Alarm system our customers have found to be user friendly, simple to use, Wire-free*(no mess!) and ultimately, reliable.

Using keyfobs to arm and disarm, it couldn't be simpler to use. The alarm talks to you, checks itself and communicates with a central station if it detects a problem.

* wire-free: sensors are all wire-free: door contacts, p.i.r's, smoke detectors, shock sensors, external sirens etc. The main panel is battery back up but works best with an A/C adapter which simply plugs into the mains and keeps the batteries topped up. The alarms performance is not affectedby power cuts

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Many different types of wire-free sensors are available, from P.I.R's (movement sensors) fire/smoke detectors, Panic pendants, Shock sensors, Glass break sensors, Pet sensitive P.I.R's, door/window contacts, external P.I.R's, Driveway/Gate sensors, Range Boosters (For detached buildings or sensors up to 200m away) and many other applications.

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