Gorgeous, high security PVCU replacement doors


Cherished Home Improvements PVCU doors are of the highest quality, with the advantage of low maintenance and high security. All doors come in various styles and finishes to enhance the entrance to your home. Wood effect doors are ideal for matching the character of your home. Cut down on draughts and heating costs, while keeping you safe and secure.


Dont make a compromise on PVCU doors! Choosing Cherished Home Improvements is the SAFE choice in any WEATHER!


With our extensive range of residential doors they dont just look good they are high security. Beware of  cheaper alternatives available from other companies, with Cherished Home Improvements you can be safe in the knowledge that you have chosen a top of the range product to suit your needs. Fitted with claw locks as standard, high security hinges and high-tensile steel deadlocks, entrance through our doors is near impossible!


All door profiles are reinforced with galvanised steel to British Standards and even the door panel itself is manufactured with a steel sheet in the centre for reinforcement.



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This is just a small selection of doors that are available, please contact us for other designs that are available.


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