Whether you choose a Full Replacement installation or the Virtual Replacement, you can rest assured that you are choosing the job that NEEDS doing! Rather than have a company tell you what you can have!


Far too many companies are all to keen to offer a Full Replacement only. And their point will be that it is a higher quality installation and that a Virtual Replacement is just a cheap job.


This is TOTALLY incorrect! Cherished Home Improvements are proud to be different and by this we mean that we will give YOU, the customer the choice of installation and not ask you to pay THOUSANDS over the odds for an installation that is just simply not NEEDED!


We could ask for Full Replacement on every job that we do, however where there is very little sign of rot we feel we would be joining all the other companies in just overcharging you for work that is not necessary.


Please feel free to have a read of our Roofline guide underneath to get a more insightful answer to the many questions asked by homeowners about each type of installation.


                         TOTAL REPLACEMENT


With all Full Replacement installations we follow out a rigorous

removal of existing product.


Firstly we will take back 3 rows of tiles to reveal the felt, which

will have deteriorated quite badly, this is then trimmed back to

good, we will then introduce an Eaves Protection System (E.P.S)

this lies underneath the tiles and felt to protect the new fascia

board and deliver any rainwater to its rightful place, in the



Your existing fascia board and soffit board will be totally

removed exposing the roofing section of soffit bearer and rafters.


The soffit board is then fitted using tidy trim which is attatched to the existing soffit bearer along the join of the brickwork and corner of the soffit to enable a straight and neat finish. The soffit board is then cut to size and attatched using high grade stainless steel Polytop nails.


The 17mm Jumbo fascia board is then attatched to the end rafters and neatly slots over the soffit board as shown in the diagram.


Your chosen gutter style and colour is then fitted to the fascias board with stainless steel screws.


The installation is now complete, the fitters will now finish everything off and ensure that everything is sealed correctly and that all joints have been installed and sealed.


As you can see this installation carries a very thorough process and as a result can only be installed using scaffold. This is another reason why the Full Replacement installation can be both time consuming and more costly, we would normally only recommend Full Replacement to customers with severe rot!






The main difference with Virtual Replacement

and Full Replacement is that most, if not all of

the wood remains in place.


Where the existing fascia board and soffit are

solid we recommend the Virtual Replacement.

The reasons for this are simple, firstly we do not

need scaffold towers to work from, making the

installation quicker and more cost effective (no

scaffold hire). Secondly what better structure

could you have to build on than what is already there?


With all Virtual Replacement installations we first carry out a thorough survey to asses any wet wood. This is done so that the wet wood can be removed and replaced with treated wood before the application of the new products, ensuring that the installed goods are being fitted to a sound structure.


We firstly fit tidy J-trim to the wall-side only unless soffit has had to be removed due to rot, this is to enable a straight and neat finish to the soffit board.


the soffit board is then cut to size depending on the depth. Tongue and groove soffit is then installed along the existing lengths of wooden soffit. We use stainless steel Polytop nails at the tongue and groove point, this neatly hides away the nails and enhances the finish.


The 10mm Fascia board is then fitted to the existing wooden fascia using stainless steel Polytop nails and neatly fits over the newly fitted soffit board.

All corners and joints are then finished off with matching trim and the whole installation is sealed.


Where neeed (where tiles fall less than 20mm into gutter) we will install an Eaves Protection System (E.P.S) which is a non-biodegradable sheet that we slide under the tiles. This ensures that any rainwater will be directed where it belongs, in the gutter!  This is not suitable or required for all types of rooftiles.


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We reserve the right to alter or change instillation method/material at any time. This guide is for illustration purposes only and is not a guide for the best method for your property or reflective of your contracted work.








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