Cherished Home Improvements are pleased to offer THE flat roof solution! This amazing type of product is installed on buildings such as the Control Tower at Heathrow Airport and Staples Head Office, to name but a few.


With major advantages over the common, old fashioned FELT roofing, this product has become the consumers choice for updating old garage roofs and extensions!






•Proven to last for up to 50 years

•Guaranteed to last for 20 years

•Highly weather resistant

•Good looking flat roof membrane

•Eco friendly






As you can see by the diagram, the work carried out is quite extensive, to ensure a professional and permanant solution to your roofing needs!


All installations come with full structural re-decking and for extensions, optional thermal insulation.


Whether your roof is leaking or just looks a bit sorry for itself, the EPDM roof is the solution for you. Dont even consider the cheap alternatives like Fibreglass or PVCU!


We have researched the market extensively, to ensure that the roof we chose, was the roof to compliment our other top line products. Why should you choose anything less?


Does this look familiar? Then act now, before things get any worse. Prevention is always better than cure.

The consequence could be internal damage or an insurance claim!



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We choose to use Firestone rubber roofline products, we are in no way affiliated to firestone.